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Tar and Gravel Roof Repair

Do you need Tar and Gravel Roof repair?

Tar and gravel roofs can be prone to leaks especially if not installed right the first time.  Knowing the basics of tar and gravel roof repair will help you a lot if you are trying to do it yourself or hire a roofing contractor in Tampa Bay.

tar and gravel roof repairTar and Gravel Roof Repair Steps

First, you should locate the problem.  Remember that water can travel from one place to another, so the leak showing in the house may not be the original source of leaking.  Get to the roof, take a broom and a rake up and search for any cracks in the flashing.  Also search for missing gravel or damaged layers of asphalt.  When the damaged area is found, rake the gravel away carefully, then use the broom to sweep off the dust and debris.  Have a piece of cloth to clean up the area thoroughly, preparing it for the next step.

After that, you should allow the cleaned area to dry and then using a paint brush or a roller, apply the primer eith an even coat.  Allow the primer to fully dry.  Then, put the tar and gravel repair patch.  Apply a first layer larger than the crack by 3’’, and a second layer larger than the first by 2’’.  The patches should not contain trapped air pockets. You can use a roller to make sure that they don’t.  Finally, cover the patch with a layer of gravel.

In case you have various damaged areas, you may want to consider hiring a professional instead of fixing the damaged areas yourself.  We will accurately diagnose the problem and suggest the proper way of approaching it.  Even if you fix multiple cracks on your own, the real problem may persist.  In all cases, whether you hire a professional to fix your roof or not it would always be recommended to at least have a professional roofer do an inspection of your roof.  For more information read this article.