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Shake Roofs

Shake roofs are a unique idea. Is a shake roof right for you? We repair shake roofs. Learn about them and call us for any questions.

Wood Shingles and Shake Roofs

Wood shingles and shake roofs are a premium product which cost more than its counterparts, the rolled roofing products and the common asphalt shingles. It is chosen by architects and builders for its distinct rustic beauty, its ability to blend in with its surroundings and its high performance. However, maintaining wood shingles and shake roofs is important to reduce the chance of them rotting, splitting, or warping.

shake roofs The difference between shingles and shakes can be summarized in the following. Shingles are mainly sawn, while shakes can be sawn, split, or both split and sawn. This all depends on the type and the grade of wood. Keep in mind the type of the product you choose, the slope of your roof, the pattern of your roof and the application procedures will affect the bundles of material needed to finish the job as well as the quality of the roof. Here is an article on shake roofs.

The quality of the material used will determine the lifetime of your roof.  American Professional Roofing assures the absolute highest quality. However, there are other variable which play a role in determining how long your roof can last. These include the site and the maintenance procedures. Thicker better quality roofs which are continuously maintained and exposed to moderate weather conditions will surely last longer than the thinner lower grade roofs which are not properly maintained and are exposed to harsh weather conditions. However, we can definitely say that when the shakes and the shingles are properly maintained, then the roof will last longer.   If you want enhanced beauty with a rustic feel shake roofs would be a great choice for you.