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American Professional Roofing is fully licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Florida.  While that should give you peace of mind we would also like to share with you some recent customer testimonials from our residential and commercial portfolio.  You can also check out some of our other ongoing projects here.


Your technicians finished the project, and the work they did was fabulous. They were polite, and professional. I am amazed at how well the new shingles match the old — fantastic job.
I will call American Professional Roofing for any future roofing needs.

Thank you,

Ehon Hall
12307 Woodridge Dr
San Antonio, FL


To whom it may concern:
I have worked with a lot of different roofing companies here in Florida but non as impressive as American Professional Roofer’s Inc. Our agent arrived at our meeting to estimate our roofing needs and was well prepared and very knowledgeable. He was able to give me with an estimate of the job I needed done along with letters of recommendation, license details, better business bureau reports, and certificates of  liability insurance. I was very impressed and recommended his roofing company to our Board of Directors. He started the job on time and his staff completed an outstanding job!
Charles WEBB,
President, Imperial Cove, Association VII INC.

American Professional Roofing, Inc.

Dear Sirs,
Marian and I want to say thanks to you and your crew for a great job in replacing our tile roof.  We are aware that this work was not that easy to complete as you had to deal with such things as the swimming pool solar panels, the screen covering the pool, and the metal roof protecting the pool pump system.  In addition, you had to work carefully around outside obstacles of the house to ensure protection to the roof skylights, A/C unit and irrigation system.  These tasks involved a great deal of careful planning, responsibility, and understanding on the part every member of your staff.  
We would also like to tell you how much we appreciate your attentiveness and responsiveness to our questions and issues as we asked them.  You were very patient and accommodating, such as when we needed your help completing the hurricane mitigation form required by our insurance company.  The information you provided showed that certain code requirements were addressed in your work allowing a reduction in our insurance rates.
Stephen R. Komara

To: American Professional Roofing
From: St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church

We, the Priests of St. Vincent de Paul Parish would love to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to American Professional Roofing. Our Pastor has had experience working with many different roofing companies over the years and was extremely impressed with the professional service we received from your company. I was myself very impressed by the level of professionalism I witnessed. You arrived when you said you would and the quality of work was outstanding. You attended to our needs before, during and after the project was completed and your staff made sure to clean up. Companies a lot of times make promises and get your expectations high only to let you down. We are so happy that the true is not the same for your company. You met all of our expectations. I would highly recommend your company for anyone who needs their roofing projects worked on. Indeed I have mentioned our company to our parishioners and we’ll definitely keep your company information handy in case we have any further roofing needs.
Mark Manko
Pastoral Associate/Administrator
St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church
Holiday, Fl 34690
727-938-1974 ext 101 Office
727-938-1975 Fax

America Professional Roofing,
I’m happy to recommend American Professional Roofing, Inc. for the installation of a new roof. Mr. Hloska helped us understand what needed to be done and why. The men arrived on time and finished the work when he said they would. They did a great job of clean-up, which I appreciated. He was very kind and considerate of our needs.
Marjorie Brandt/90 years old

A tropical storm caused shingle damage and a leak in our roof. We contacted 6 different roofing companies and only 1 of them responded to us quickly, American Professional Roofing. The rest said it would be days before they would get to us. American Professional Roofing was prompt and looked over the damage to give us an estimate. They came out and fixed the roof the following day and did an excellent job. After witnessing such a professional job we had American Professional Roofing out 5 months later to lay down a new roof. Our new roof is the best roofing job we’ve ever had on this house. They are wonderful people and we really appreciate them.

Rosalie Setter, Victoria Setter-Escobar and family!
Brandon, Florida
Thanks so much again!
Victoria Setter-Escobar

American professional Roofing,

I don’t usually follow up with a thank you note when dealing with contractors. However my dealings with American Professional Roofing require that I do. Thank you for the great work and follow up on all of the roofing projects you have completed for me. I have needed many different roofing projects completed over the past several years on my rental properties, my two commercial pre-school jobs plus my own home. Your company and crew have completed each job with a high level of quality and very professionally.

I have dealt with many different roofers over the past 20 years and have never been so impressed as I am with your company. The standards have clearly been set high in your company, from the level of professionalism shown to the high quality of materials you use. When American Professional Roofing does a job, it’s done right!

All of my friends know how demanding I am when it comes to the quality of company that works on any of my properties. When any friend asks me about a roofing contractor I’m proud to say that I recommend them to you.
Keep up the GREAT WORK.Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Hot smile

Keith Andrews
Pres. Kiddie Kollege Hyde Park Inc.
Tampa Fl

American Professional Roofing,

I am so thrilled about the work your company did that day. Thanks for doing such a great job. I took some time to research the various bids we got and I’m so happy that I chose you guys.
I’ll happily recommend you to anyone needing quality roofing work done.
Thanks again to you and your team.

Mrs. Debbie Leiberick
Mr. Markus Leiberick

Lyudmila Geyvandov-Orlova

They did a good job. They did the job while I was not there but everything went pretty easy. The scheduling was good. The sent one person out to do the job and we had no problems with them.

Lyudmila Geyvandov-Orlova
Tampa, FL 33647

LettyAnn Felts

We signed a contract on the 21st of August to have the work completed the first week of September.  Since we are in the rainy season our concern was that the roof would continue to leak and do additional damage to the ceiling.  Patrick indicated that if the spot on the ceiling got any bigger, call his office and someone would come put a temporary fix on until the work could be completed.  When the scheduler called the following week (around the 25th, 26th of August) she indicated that the work couldn’t be done until the 15th of September and she wasn’t as responsive to our ongoing issue of the ceiling water damage.  My husband called back 2 additional times reporting the ceiling issue getting worse and asking that someone please come apply the temporary fix.  It felt that we were getting nowhere.  Then suddenly something clicked with them and we received a call back on the 2nd of September indicating that the entire job would be done starting the morning of the 3rd.  On the 3rd we received a call saying that the roofers had gotten stuck on another job and would be here later in the day or the next morning.  They did show up around 4 pm on the 3rd and they were outstanding.  They couldn’t finish (due to storms) but they were back the next afternoon and finished it up.  They were professional, thorough and cleaned up their debris.  They explained exactly what they had done and made a few additional repairs that they had identified while doing the job.  These guys will be our first choice and we will continue to recommend them highly to others.    I understand that they are very busy which is a great problem to have but they probably need to improve the communication between themselves with regard to dates given to the customer at ‘estimate’ and the realistic date the work can be performed. We ended up getting our work done as promised ‘at estimate’ and didn’t have to wait until the 15th after all. We felt like we got great value for the money spent.  We felt this company treated us honestly and fairly.

LettyAnn Felts
7747 Starfire Way
New Port Richey, FL 34654

Thomas J Scales

He told us the roof was in good shape (great news!) but there was one broken tile. He asked if we had an spares, which we did, so he replaced the tile with no extra charge.
We now are confident in our roof. All for $99.

Thomas J Scales
80 Kelleys Trail
Oldsmar, FL 34677

H W Bentley

the originally scheduled date for the roof repair was rained out, but the workers did stop by the house to say they would be back as soon as the weather permitted. And they came back the next morning and completed the job very quickly. The job was to built up depression on the flat part of the roof which was holding a large amount of water after rains, and to replace shingles on the front of the house which had been damaged by a tree limb. They gave a complete description of what they would be doing and then provided pictures of the finished job and left the site completely clean. The workers were very professional and I would definitely use their services again,

H W Bentley
4502 W. Paxton Av
Tampa, FL 33611


They were very responsive and there was not any trouble with scheduling. Initially, they contacted me by phone and email and when they didn’t hear back from me, they contacted me again one week later. They came out and repaired a few things that needed fixed. They arrived exactly on time. They explained that the roof would last a couple more years, weather permitting, and provided me with a written estimate for a replacement as well. They were very nice and I really liked working with them. They were wonderful!

7901 3RD ST. NORTH

Kathy Bush

All went well, we will be using this company again for futher repairs.

Kathy Bush
3036 Avalon Terrace Drive

Jane Sacco


Jane Sacco
4744 Swallowtail Drive
New Port Richey, FL 34653

Brian Roulstone

I am always skeptical about the “inspection” offers as you fear you are paying a provider to generate a quote for you on all the things which “need” to be fixed whether they do or not.  I live in a historical 1920’s Mediterranean-style home with a flat roof.  The original roof was a black torch down rubberized asphalt roof.  About 5-6 years ago I had a guy who typically does flat commercial roofs come out and spray coat/seal my roof with a seamless white foam product which I have been happy with to date.  The flat torchdown roofs always open up at the seams and allow water in.  Anyway I wanted American Professional Roofing to come out and give me their opinion on the condition of the roof and also to inspect my scupper drains (these are drain holes on a flat roof which allow for water to escape but which also routinely get clogged with leaves and debris).  Counter to my expectations they told me that overall the roof appeared to be well maintained and in good shape but the inspector did identify and patch/seal a few spots around the scupper drains.  So overall the inspection seemed thorough, a few minor repairs were made, and they gave me honest feedback about the condition of my roof.  I would use them again.

Brian Roulstone
2404 W Prospect Rd
Tampa, FL 33629


Jimmy arrived at house early. Took time to inspect two roofs. Fixed a leak in older roof. Came back when newer roof developed a leak and repaired that one as a courtesy. Kim Barbosa stayed in touch via phone and email and was very helpful. Highly recommend.

2326 12TH ST N

Darrell Hagar

They came and put a new roll type roof on our Florida room while we were out of town. It looks good and doesn’t leak, what more can you ask from a roof? Since we chose the thicker roofing material the room is quieter during a rain. We are very happy with the work they did.

Darrell Hagar
9217 Water Hazard Drive
HUDSON, FL 34667

marty amaral

My wife and I are from Massachusetts and just recently purchased a home in Florida as a vacation/retirement home and are in the process of having it remodeled. The home is 2095 sq. feet that includes the garage. The big problem is that we are doing most of this from Massachusetts which makes it even more difficult. Originally we contacted Bayside Roofing to fix a leak that we had on the roof that was allowing water to get into our bathroom. At that time we dealt with the owner Patrick who was very professional and responsive. He gave us what we felt was a fare quote for the repair and talked to us about the condition of the whole roof and had indicated that we probably only had about a year left on the life of the roof. This didn’t come as a surprise to us as the same thing was reported in our home survey earlier this year when we bought the house. At the time we had decided to just repair that area and were talking with Bayside about scheduling that work, when our contractor brought two additional areas of possible roof leaks to our attention. At this point, we called Bayside back talked with Lori in the office who indicated that Patrick was on vacation, but told us she would get some right out to take a look at the two other areas. Later that day we got a call from Jeff who gave us a price for the additional repairs and once again talked to us about the condition of the roof. It was at this point when we decided to get a quote to replace the whole roof. We also contacted two additional roofers to get comparison quotes. Bayside wasn’t the cheapest or the most expensive, but they were the only ones that gave us two options, “Good” and “Better”. Plus they took the time to explain the options, the pros and cons of each and the different materials that were used in each. They went into detail on what they would be doing and outlined what was included in the price and they talked to us about the fact that once they got the roof stripped and  if they found any additional problems that the price my go up. In our minds, they prepared us for what to expect out of the project. One of the other requests that we had was that they could schedule the work for when we were going to be down they next, which was in a week and half, because I wanted to be there while they were doing the work. They understood and were able to get us scheduled around our time frame. Needless to say, we went with Bayside, but the fun didn’t stop  once we signed the work order and sent them our deposit. Again you need to remember that we are doing all of this from Massachusetts which makes everything a little harder. When it came time to pick our shingles and colors, Bayside gave us options and worked with us to determine what we wanted. As a matter of fact, Jeff spent a good hour or more with us on the phone talking about the different colors choices and there pros and cons and even sent us pictures of different colors so we got a good idea of what they really looked like, the ones on the internet did not do the colors any justice! The original schedule was for work to begin on a Thursday, but when the day came and no one showed up we started to get nervous, but we  then got a call from Lori in the office to tell us that their team got tied up on a job the previous day and wouldn’t be out until Friday which was fine with us. The team showed up Friday morning and got right to work stripping the roof and fixing any problems. They were very good and made short work of the project and did everything they said they would. That included making sure that they cleaned up after they finished each day and leaving the house and property the way they found it.

Once they were finished,  and we got the final bill, we noticed that even though they had originally priced out 4 sheets of plywood, they only used 1 and took the other 3 off of the bill. To be honest, I would have never known if they had or had not used all of the plywood and think that it speaks to their honesty and fairness to their customers. All in all, we were very satisfied with every aspect of dealing with Bayside, Patrick, Lee and Lori where great to work with and we would recommend them to anyone who asks.

marty amaral
7209 bramblewood dr
port richey, FL 34668

Kathryn M Dalton

They were courteous and seemed to know what they were doing. However, they gave me only 20 years guarantee whereas another company gave me lifetime guarantee for the roof and workmanship.

Kathryn M Dalton
3663 Lalani Way
Sarasota, FL 34232

Michelle Williams

They were true to their word on when the could get it done.  Even arrived a day early.  They started first thing in the morning with a full crew and did not leave until it was dark.  Finished the roof in one day with a few moldings to be put back on next morning.  They cleaned up all the mess, answered all my questions throughout the day, and took pictures so I could see steps of work (I am scared of heights).  The crew was very polite did not bother my kids and me at all. Would recommend to anyone who asked.

Michelle Williams
2018 Kimmy Drive
Bryan, TX 77806

Loretta Rame

From start to finish this company was very professional.  The estimator took the time to educate me about the different types of roofing; drawing pictures, etc., and was accessible when I had questions a few days later.  He offered two different options on the roofing.  We chose this company in part because of the way they described working the patio roof.  They were the only company out of six that recommended a build-up of the roof to tilt, so water would run off and not pool.  They said it was a county code.  I checked with a county inspector who told me the company who recommended the build-up was following code.  This was a two-day job; the first day the crew worked until after dark in order to stay on schedule.  Work was completed the second day.  When there was a misunderstanding regarding gutterwork (the gutters were taken off the patio) Bayside had them replaced. On both days one of the owners showed up to check the progress and work of the crew.

Loretta Rame
228 Arbor Dr. W.
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Bonnie Boyd

Hurricane Sandy tore off a triangle of the fascia over my front porch. I contacted Pat Hloska of Bayside Roofing as his is the company that installed my new roof in May.  He told me at that time he would always take care of us as his customers.  When the wind tore off this piece of fascia my husband and I were not able to climb a ladder to replace it.  My husband was not particularly knowledgeable about replacing siding in the first place.  I called Pat and he said he would get someone over to our house within a day or two as they were quite busy from Sandy’s damage to the area.  Just as he said, two days after our conversation my doorbell rang and it was a member of his crew who had come to fix the fascia. Little over half an hour later, it was back up in place and he even hosed it down to clean off any accumulated dirt and debris. He did not charge for helping us today, rather it was an act of kindness and goodwill on the part of the company. Who does that in this day and age? This company goes above and beyond for its customers. What a way to build a loyal base.  I have already referred his company to two people on our block and will continue to do so as he has earned our respect. If you have a roof that needs to be repaired or replaced, please give them a call.  I can guarantee they will give you a fair price and their ethics are first rate. They call when they say they’ll call and Pat’s follow through has always been outstanding.

Bonnie Boyd
2520 Ohio Place
Holiday, FL 34691

Bonnie Boyd

Crew of 8 arrived at 7:45 AM on a blistering hot day.  Originally contracted for a $6200 roof installed.  Was aware since it had been almost 20 years that some decking lumber might be required before new shingles could be placed.  When old shingles were torn off the decking proved to be badly damaged.  The majority of the boards were broken and shingles can’t be place on broken boards. Work was stopped until photographs could be taken for us to view of damaged area.  We appreciated this step as my husband and I are in our 70’s and not comfortable with getting on the roof.  The owner of the company, Pat Hloska, arrived immediately and viewed the problem areas.
He contacted his suppliers and got a price on the plywood replacement boards. The increased price was a difficult pill to swallow, but we agreed it didn’t make sense to move ahead without putting a proper foundation under these new dimensional shingles. Never for a moment did we think he was trying to pull “a fast one” on us or take advantage.  Bottom line, he ate any profit he could have made off the wood and extra labor.  He genuinely worked with us to help recoup our losses.

The crew worked non-stop with the exception of a lunch hour and completed the entire project in one day.  Prior to their leaving, the driveway and yard showed no signs of their ever having been there!!  All necessary paper work was completed by Pat to submit to our insurance company to provide us with a small discount on our policy.
This gentleman genuinely cares about his customers and Customer Service in general.  Besides the manufacturers warrantees on the product, we also have Besides professional guarantee on workmanship and labor.  I highly recommend this company.  Very Professional, High Integrity, Very satisfied with final results.

Bonnie Boyd
2520 Ohio Place
Holiday, FL 34691


Adam Nebrich

From beginning to end of the project, the entire team at Bayside Roofing Professionals, Inc was absolutely great.

I called 6 roofing companies in and around my project address.  Bayside roofing submitted a very competitive bid (lower than some and near even with others).  Jeff, Bayside’s estimator, thoroughly inspected my roof during his estimate.  He carried with him a can of tar sealing up potential problem areas as he went–a truly classy thing to do, and something that I appreciated given that my roof had an active leak following a strong storm.

During my meeting with Jeff to finalize the contract, he patiently reviewed each of my roofing options and thoroughly explained some of the changes in roofing systems and code over the last 10 years.  Also, even though my roofing project was over 15 miles from my residence and Bayside’s business address, Jeff worked into his schedule an appointment to meet me 1/4 of a mile away from my house.  Thanks!

As promised after the contract was signed, Bayside filed the proper Notice of Commencement, obtained the required permit, provided me with proof of proper insurance (Workers Comp & General Liability), and provided an estimated date for work to begin.

I was very impressed with the professionalism and competencies of the entire work team during the tear-off, dry-in and finishing parts of the job.  The entire leadership team of Bayside Roofing stopped by the site to ensure proper workmanship and on-site management .  Each of these leaders were great (Chris Sr, Chris Jr, and Jeff (foreman)).  The work team was efficient, friendly and thorough.  The job site was thoroughly cleaned including a magnet run to pick up any stray metal/nails.

I cannot overstate my satisfaction with the team at Bayside Professional Roofing, Inc.  Thanks to each of them for doing a great job!  I will definitely use them again, and I will definitely refer my friends and business associates as well.

Adam Nebrich
10406 White Lake Ct
Tampa, FL 33626

Kerri McConell

We called them after we found out that our roof was damaged after a storm. They called us back telling that they would not be able to come till another day. When we told them about the leak on the ceiling they came right out and replaced the roof for us. They were very prompt. They did a good job and also cleaned up after themselves. They didn’t leave any nails or other things all around. It was like they were never here. They were great. We had a really good experience with them. I would absolutely recommend them.

Kerri McConell
PO Box 2499
Land O Lakes, FL 34639