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Flat Roofs

Flat Roof repairs for Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando

Flat roof repairs are common.  Flat roofs have advantages and disadvantages.  New materials on flat roofs cost more than old ones but their advantage is that they wear better. Currently, there are three kinds of flat roofs available. Still, you should take into consideration the region and the size of your roof when looking into prices. Flat roofs can last up to 25 years if they are installed in the proper way and continuously maintained.

Flat roof repairs for BUR, Modified Bitumen and Rubber Membrane

flat roof repairs

The first type a flat roof repair is the Built-Up Roof (BUR). It is a kind of hot tar and gravel roof which consists of three (or can be more) plies of waterproof material that are alternated with hot tar and then ballasted by a layer of smooth river stone. The pros for this type of roofs would be that it is the cheapest and fire retardant. However, it has some cons, such as its heavy weight which requires strengthened joists, its smelly and messy installation process, the capacity of gravel to clog gutters and scuppers, and in case of a leak it would be hard to find the source.

The second type is the Modified Bitumen. It is a single ply of rolled roof which is impregnated with a wear surface that is mineral based. There are either torch down systems which require that the adhesive be heated while unrolling the material, or the peel and stick systems which are newer, easier, and safer. The pros are that it reflects heat due to its light colored mineral surface which helps on cutting energy bills. However, the torch down system is not so tear resistant.

The last type is the Rubber Membrane. This is a rubber which can be ballasted with stone, mechanically anchored with fasteners, or even glued. The pros are that it is durable, resistant to sunlight damage, resistant to scuffs and tears, light weight and easy to patch in case of a leak.